During COVID you might be thinking private service has privacy, hygenine or safety in the apartment, so you rather pay higher cost. The fact is that you misunderstand it. First u know nothing about the girl’s healthbeings, or the last customer she had before you. You dont even know if the towel or sheet is cleaned disinfected. You can not complaint if you have problem because there is no supervision or license. On the contrast, shop 271 has hold the license for over 30 years with 24 hours X 7 days service, we monitor girls’ healthbeings all the time, and we check and record visitors and we clean and disinfect all towels and sheets on time everyday. Our shop is putting safe and healthy work place for customer and employees as priority. And we are very strick to our employees for it. Our day time special is more affordable. Please choose us and give us motivatio to stay longer in this tough time. We will always be 100% sincere to customers and anyone who wants to work in Marrickville brothel 271.